21 Days to Peace at Work

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Can you see how every aspect of your life would improve?


:: Imagine waking up filled with creative ideas about your job, instead of a 3-page to-do list.
:: Imagine tackling those projects with über-focus and maximum productivity.
:: Imagine having clear scripts that allowed you to confidently navigate any tough conversation.
:: Imagine leaving work at 5 pm and not dragging out your laptop after the kids are in bed.
:: Imagine having time for you, your interests, your family.


Lea McLeod, Corporate and Career Coaching

I’m Lea McLeod and I’m devoted to sharing these skills and helping you create a positive shift in your work life. I know that good things happen when you have  greater confidence, greater courage, and greater consistency.


How would it feel to leave work on time feeling good about what you did today and fully prepared for tomorrow? To know exactly what you bring to the table, and how to make it even better? To master the situations that rattle and frustrate you?


I’ve seen my clients do just this again and again and I know you can do it, too.


So, that’s what I know I’m here for.  To help create you create peace of mind, productivity and prosperity from 9–5 and beyond.

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