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Challenges in your job are like little lemony gifts you get to turn into lemonade.


You know what I’m talking about. The challenges that wreak havoc with your confidence and make you question yourself. Maybe you’ve even wondered, “What’s wrong with me?”


Well, I’ve got good news… There’s nothing wrong with you!


Your biggest challenges can nearly always be solved by taking action, and feeling confident when you do. But you get stuck, because you’re not sure, exactly, what action to take.


Lea McLeod, helping you with your career and job search challenges!I help you to identify the core issue, understand the context of the situation, figure out the right way to respond, and identify the best action to take.


And in the process you become empowered, confident and a little more kick-ass than you may feel right now.


Let’s look at some of the pressing questions others have struggled with. Maybe you have these too.


:: How do you deal with a manager that’s abrasive?

:: How do you get a micro-manager under control?

:: How do you clarify your work goals, so you know exactly what to focus on each day?

:: How do you get everything done – and leave work on time – when the to-do list seems overwhelming?

:: How do you communicate more effectively, especially if you disagree with others?

:: How do you ask for what you need at work, without feeling incompetent?

:: How do you deal with negative and difficult colleagues, customers, and personalities?

:: How do you get a raise and promotion, when you have no idea how to ask, or even if you deserve it?


All of the challenges you face in your job are manageable.


Most can be tackled without having to quit, throw a temper tantrum or drink heavily. ; )


You simply need to understand what action to take, how to take it, and feel confident doing so. You can get a jump start with your own free e-course on finding more peace at work.


Here’s your 4-step plan. (See how I’m already clarifying the action you can take?)










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