4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Ahead at Work

4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Ahead at Work


What’s REALLY holding you back at work? You may be doing all the right things. But are you doing them the right way?


You’ve heard all the advice about how working hard means good things will come your way. You’ve been doing that. Long days, nights, and even some weekends. You’re getting it done and going above and beyond, which is, what you heard you have to do to succeed in this hyper-competitive career world.


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When you look around, though, you notice something awry. You’re not getting promoted or even praised. You’re not introduced to the managers upstairs or given an opportunity to present to the team. But that colleague of yours, the one who was hired two weeks after you, is getting acknowledged left and right, and the last you heard, he’s up for a promotion. Sure, he’s a fine employee and a hard worker too, but he’s not better or smarter than you.



So what’s going on ? What’s he got that you don’t? The answer might be simple: emotional intelligence. EI, as it’s often called now that it’s an official buzzword, is the ability to distinguish your own and others’ emotions so that you can manage yourself and your relationships with others effectively.


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In fact, it’s been said that possessing emotional intelligence is so important that even if you did everything perfectly in your job, you couldn’t be considered a top performer without it.



The challenge is that we’re never really taught this soft skill in school. It’s not too late, though, especially if you want to have a thriving and successful career. Here are four key components to emotional intelligence. See which ones you may need to work on.


Here’s four good reasons you may not be achieving the rewards you’d like. Go to the complete article on The Muse for the details.


1. You’re Clueless About You



2. Your Emotions Run Amok



3. You Can’t Read the Room



4. You Struggle with Managing Relationships


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