5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Future Recommendations Now

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Future Recommendations Now

As a professional managing the trajectory of your career, one of the most important assets you have is your reputation: what other people think of you, your workplace performance, and how you behave around others.


Your character says a lot about your competence, likability, and credibility as a professional. I don’t visit a restaurant without looking at online restaurant reviews. And I sure wouldn’t choose an Airbnb without consulting the comments of people who have already stayed there.


It’s unlikely that anyone will hire you, accept an introduction, or share his expertise without others recommending you in a similar way. How people advocate for you, and what they’ll say about you to others is sort of like a Yelp review of your career and overall demeanor. You want as many stars as you can get.


Read the entire article here on The Muse.


upset-w borderThe truth is that this social proof holds weight, whether you’re deciding where to eat in a new city, or tracking down the references of a potential hire.


What other people think about you and how they speak of you and your accomplishments and work ethic matters to your career.


These five tips will show you not only how you might be sabotaging a glowing endorsement without knowing it, but also how to take corrective action.


1. Ignoring the Social Scene

2. Thinking Only People With Status Matter

3. Not Building Relationships With Your Colleagues

4. Taking Credit for Others’ Work

5. Indulging in Office Gossip


Read the entire article here on The Muse.


Whether you’re asking colleagues and managers for LinkedIn recommendations (for info on how to get great ones, go here), or you’re tapping a former boss for reference in your job search, what people think about you matters. You can affect that future outcome in positive way when you take care of how you behave each and every day.


Because, fact, hiring managers remove about 21% of candidates from contention, when references paint a less than glowing light. That’s a burn that can throw a brutal roadblock in your career. So take steps today to get that enthusiastic review you’ll need in the future.



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