8 Steps to Ask for a LinkedIn Introduction

8 Steps to Ask for a LinkedIn Introduction

Want to be introduced to a 2nd level connection on LinkedIn? Here’s a handy 8 step process for asking!


The value of growing your LinkedIn Connections is that it opens the door to meeting new people. That can expand your network and provide additional support in your career development or job search.

One way to do that is to ask people you know, to introduce you to people THEY know. Pretty simple. And LinkedIn makes it easy to do this.

Here are 8 steps you can take to request a LinkedIn introduction to a 2nd level contact. This means you know at least one person who is connected to your desired introduction.

I suggest you focus on connecting to 2nd level contacts as they are more readily accessible and less complicated to connect with (you only need one other person to make the introduction) than 3rd level connections.


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Step 1: Use the “get introduced” function (in the grey box to the right of the profile pic) on the profile of the person you would like to meet.

LinkedIn Introduction 1

This will reveal all the shared connections you have, and ask which you would like to make the introduction.

Note: It’s not a bad idea to reach out to the person ahead of time, and ask if they are willing first. Then follow up with the LinkedIn process. If you have a high degree of familiarity, that might not be necessary.

LinkedIn Introduction 2


Step 2: Choose one of those connections to introduce you, using the automated LinkedIn form. This fills in the center box between you, and the person you want to meet.

When you select that person’s name, they will pop up into the center box between you, and the person you want to meet. In this case I’ve chosen Angela to introduce us.

LinkedIn Introduction 3

Step 3: Use an interesting subject line so that your message stands a higher chance of being read.

Try to avoid subject lines like “Requesting a connection, “ “need an introduction,” or “Connection needed. “

LinkedIn Introduction 4

Step 4: Craft a personal letter requesting the introduction, and setting context for how you know the person you’re asking.

Sometimes you’ll make a request from someone you don’t know all that well. In such a case, remind them of how you met, what other connections you have in common, or mention a group you have in common where you’ve noticed them make comments.

The person you are requesting the introduction from will forward this on. Usually they will add a quick “cover” to the other person.

Sample text:

Hi Angela,

Hope you are well!

I met you recently at the NACE conference at the session on college recruiting methods. It was one of the better sessions, I thought!

To that end, I notice you are connected to Tom M. I am looking at The Standard as a potential target employer and Tom used to work there. I suspect Tom could provide good insight for me on what it’s like to work there.

Would you be willing to introduce me to Tom?

As a new graduate let me assure you that I understand how important it is to be professional and prompt when asking others for their time. You can rest assured I’ll be a good steward of Tom’s time and energy.

If you are uncomfortable with this request, please don’t hesitate to let me know. That being said, if you have any insight on how to otherwise connect with Tom, I’d appreciate it.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,


Step 5: Click “Send Request.”


Step 6: Let goodwill do the work.

Once you’ve sent the request, assume everyone’s best intentions are in play. All of us are connected to people we may not know all that well. Occasionally this may make contacts reluctant to introduce you. If that’s the case, so be it.

As long as you’ve done your best and been professional, your work on the request is done.


Step 7: Follow Up.

If you don’t hear back from the person in a week, simply send them a quick “Just following up” note.

One follow-up is sufficient. If they don’t respond, you’ve done what you can. Bear in mind that introductions require someone else leveraging their relationship and professional capital for your good. The choice to play that card is up to them.

Sometimes it works out, sometimes you need to move on to the next one on your list.


Step 8: Say thank you!

If you ARE connected and you are able to converse with the connection, follow up and let the introducing party know. A professional aspect of connecting is to follow up and let others know “the rest of the story.”

No matter what happens when asking for a LinkedIn introduction, be professional, appreciative, and positive. And always take the opportunity to pay it forward, no matter what happens!


Questions? Leave a comment below letting me know!

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