8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired


Getting fired is the worst! Even if you were struggling in your position or were increasingly unhappy, losing your job suddenly can feel like failure personified. And the process of involuntarily being forced to leave your position can swirl you into a blizzard of emotion: embarrassment, shame, worthlessness, self-pity, and depression.


Your identity is deeply embedded with what you do. So it’s not surprising that getting terminated is one of life’s most stressful and devastating events. This is not an easy thing to bounce back from, but bounce back you must if you want to move on and have a successful career. Because no one’s going to hire someone who’s feeling sorry for him- or herself.

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Here’s how you can get your head back in the game:


1. Grieve


2. Don’t Compare and Despairgetting fired


3. Reframe the Situation


4. Understand What Went Wrong


5. Have Difficult Conversations


6. Make a Corrective Action Plan


7. Work Out


8. Write a Thank You Note


Get the details to each of these steps in my column on The Muse. Getting fired is a disruptive life event, to say the least. But, it can also open doors and lead to great and unexpected opportunities.


If you’re tempted to feel like a victim, challenge yourself to rise above it. Instead of asking why this happened, focus instead on how you can bounce back and what actions you need to take to do so.


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