I help you find peace of mind at work.


Lea McLeod

I get what it’s like to have a challenging job. Well, challenging might be an understatement—I’m talking about the job that saps your energy, drains your joy and turns your otherwise wonderful Sunday night into a total doom and dread-fest.


But even though you’re struggling with it, this is the job—for whatever good reason—that you need to keep.


I get it.


I spent nearly 30 years in corporate America.


Because I was a mom and traveled constantly, it was crazy. And still I did very well. I received a great salary and accolades for my work.


But I also burned the midnight oil, checked email obsessively and took conference calls on vacation.


Then one day I had a huge wakeup call.


After an unexpected and devastating personal loss, I got very clear, very quickly, about what mattered and what didn’t. Spending more time at work is not what mattered. Neither did working harder or stressing out on weekends.


And something very interesting happened.


I learned how to sort the essential from everything else. I was amazed at how quickly it shifted the quality of my entire life.


By mastering my job, instead of letting it master me, I saw that I could not only increase the power and energy I had at work, but at home, too.


And I also saw that by NOT doing so, my career would continue to extract a very high price from me. One I was no longer willing to pay.


Now I am passionate about helping you master these three things, too.


Because, you see, you have a lot more personal power than you give yourself credit for. The problem is you give other people too much of it, and then wait for permission… to speak, to act, to make a change. Believe me, I did this, too…


And waiting is frustrating, discouraging and really doesn’t bring out the best you. In fact, it strips you of your confidence and makes it very hard to find meaning in your work.


It also makes you start doubting yourself and asking,

“What’s wrong with me?”


That’s what most of my clients tell me at first (I’ve talked to people who were literally moments away from handing over their notice because they felt like failures.) When we talk, though, I usually find that quitting isn’t necessary and there’s something very much within their control that they can transform.


I’m devoted to sharing these skills and helping you create a positive shift in your work life. I know that good things happen when you have Greater Confidence. Greater Courage. Greater Consistency. Peace at Work.


So, that’s what I know I’m here for.  To help you create peace of mind, productivity and prosperity from 9–5 and beyond.


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