Bad Manager? 3 Ways to Take Control

Bad Manager? 3 Ways to Take Control

Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.

― Ann Voskamp


Do you have a frustrating manager? Take back control!It would be great if the everything went just as we expected to, wouldn’t it?


But darn, this is real life, and that’s not how it goes. I’m seeing more and more that this is especially true in the workplace.


Over the past couple of years, organizations have squeezed investment in training, talent development, onboarding, and more.


As a result, many may not have a good system for promoting and developing their people.


And that can be painful. Especially when the person they haven’t developed is your manager.


In this week’s Employee Almanac post for The Daily Muse, I discuss what to do if you have a boss that’s, well… a little undercooked in the development area.


Statistics show more bosses are being promoted for the wrong reasons, or simply haven’t been developed as leadership talent.


When that happens, it might frustrate the heck out of you.


Our goal is to mitigate the frustration. So in this post I discuss ways you can shift your approach to close the gap between your expectations, and the reality of your manager.


Check out the article here.


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