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Erin DeiberI was about to quit because my boss was frustrating, didn’t give me clear direction and allowed some other guy to offload work on me. Since working with Lea my situation’s done a 180 at work. I took control I didn’t know I had. Lea helped me realize how much power I actually have in a situation and she helped me find the confidence and manner so I no longer felt taken advantage of at work.

Erin Deiber

Tina GrecoLea helped me see how I could make better decisions about my time, and keep others from spending it for me.

Email, meetings, managing my manager – Lea was a tremendous help!

Tina Greco

Veronica Swanson“With Lea’s support, I have found the job with the responsibilities I had been looking for, at a salary that I find meets my qualifications. Speaking with Lea helped me understand and clarify what I was bringing to the position. She gave me confidence to ask for what I was worth, understanding my strengths objectively. She is effective at achieving goals of getting the best fit both ways: the employer is happy with me, and I with them.”

Veronica Swanson

Taylor Brady“Lea was with me every step of the way. She provided me with resources to improve my abilities as a writer and challenged me to grow, listen and become a better employee. Lea is such an amazing insightful person and I cannot express how much she has helped. She is a great consultant and everyone should hire her.”

Taylor Brady

Chelsea Mitchell“Lea knows what she’s talking about and is good at giving tangible advice that gets results. I recommend Lea to everyone I know who needs help in their professional life. I credit not only my current job success but my boyfriend’s as well to her helpfulness and insight. Lea is wonderful at what she does– and helps you get wonderful at what you do, too.”

Chelsea Mitchell

Matthew Wolfe“I was going to take the ostrich approach to my situation: stick my head in the sand, and wait until it (hopefully) got better. Lea analyzed my situation and developed a sound methodology on how to approach it. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her help. As someone with low self-confidence, Lea helped me realize the value I bring as an employee, and that sort of self-empowerment went a very long way in the process of finding my new employment.”

Matthew Wolfe

Perry KingLea was able to determine my best strengths immediately after talking to me and was very helpful in being able to get me to articulate these to employers. I know the majority of people my age do not have a strategy to job hunt. Lea has the perfect “go-get-it” strategy which people who are 22-23 need to have in order to get a job today.

Perry King

Alicia MullenixI literally hung on her words, and know working with her built my confidence in a way which took things to the next level I was craving for. Her energy and passion for helping people is completely contagious. She went above and beyond in helping me through this process. My sincerest gratitude, Lea.

Alicia Mullenix

Alison CaliendoLea created an outstanding final product I was proud of AND that reflected my work accurately. More importantly, going through the process with Lea made me realize how far I had come and built up my confidence. I would absolutely recommend this process to not just new graduates but also anyone who has several years of work experience and who is interested in moving into the next phase of their career. THANK YOU LEA!

Alison Caliendo

Thank you for all the help [negotiating my salary]. You really increased my confidence going into it and I felt in control of the call the whole time.

Casey Kauffmann

I have had great success using your career tactics. My recent interview for a Pharmaceutical Representative position went well, and I am doing more research about it before I proceed with the job.

J. White

I just wanted to follow up and tell you thank you! A lot has changed at my work since I have been very organized and sticking to a routine developed through the 21 Days E-Course!

A. Martinez

This [21 Days to Peace at Work] has been a fantastic journey. Thank you!

Mary Fraker

Thank you so much for the advice. You were a lot of help and I am beginning to feel confident about my profile.

Thomas Medawar

Lea, simply loved this post.
Brilliant and timely. Thanks :-)

N. Rashid

I just love your snippets. I think you are incredible. Sometimes your messages come just when I need them most. I just sent your latest to my team and told them to sign up immediately.

Lyn Saucier

One of the best things I took from the call was that afterwards I felt so much more positive. It was refreshing to listen to a different perspective.

Harish Mistry

I took a lot away from the call in terms of interview content and how to keep the communication flowing. I’m glad I contacted you and it was a pleasure speaking to you.

Harish Mistry

I want to tell you good news! I got my summer internship through networking connection! I am so happy and appreciated that the skills you taught me! I would like to keep working on this.

Betty Chao

I read your posts on Twitter, and you always have great career advice.

Marie Taylor, HR professional

Your message was excellent and empowering!

Michelle Lagos, MBA

I learned a lot from your talk. Thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences to empower women!

Richell Chiu-Yap

So very thankful for your thoughtful, considered response to my download. I will definitely follow up with you again after my conversation to let you know how that goes. I am so happy that I took the leap and clicked on the link to set up a time to talk with you.

JoAnne Meloro

Your prep material created a positive flow for me. Thank you so much. I will continue to improve upon my answers—but I feel I did pretty well. You truly are gifted at motivating.

M. J. | Job Search Client

It was very nice to meet you last week at the New Women New Yorkers event. It’s not every day that I come across an opportunity to face head on the things I wish to improve about myself and in parallel meet inspiring women. I feel fortunate to have attended.

S. G. | Workshop Participant

I left the workshop feeling empowered to make positive changes for myself and inspired by the support and encouragement of fellow participants. It was truly wonderful to be part of your workshop and to learn from you.

A.K. | Workshop Participant

You have helped me tremendously lately when I have felt sad, bereft, and totally afraid due to work worries. Your writings have given me confidence and a path to make it through the day. Thank you so much.

D.K. | Newsletter Subscriber

Beautiful! This is excellent. I’m very happy with this!

E.B. | Resume and LInkedIn Client

Lea, new follower of yours & boy do you steer me in the right direction when I feel so lost. Just wanted to send you an appreciation email!

M. | Newsletter Subscriber

I would like to thank you, sincerely, for your recommendations. I have had great success using your career tactics. My recent interview went well, and I am doing more research about it before I proceed with the job.

J.F. | Job Search Client


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