The one LinkedIn mistake you should NEVER make!

If you had the opportunity to connect with 22 employers, and you blew it, how would you feel?

Well, I had a student in a class last night who now knows that distressing feeling all too well.

I was teaching a class on LinkedIn to college grads. A few in the group brought their laptops to work on their LinkedIn profiles as we went through the session.


The Lamentable LinkedIn Lapse

Don't make this LinkedIn mistake

One student, let’s call her Erica, had gotten an initial account set up.

However, she missed the boat on the rest of it. She never completed the information to form a complete profile, nor had she built much of a network.

She also never checked her LinkedIn inbox.

So she opened her laptop to work on her profile during class. As she did so, she saw 22 invitations to connect in her inbox.

Many of the messages were from employers.

Insert gut wrenching gasp here.

With whom she’d applied for a job.

From whom she “never heard back” after applying.

That’s right. Potential employers found her on LinkedIn and were connecting to her. But she wasn’t home.

Imagine how you would feel if you were frustrated at not hearing back. And then realized your own negligence was the problem.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Learn from this student’s regrettable lapse.

1. LinkedIn is essential for your job search, and for your career. 94% of employers use LinkedIn at some point in the recruiting process.

2. Get on it. Build and complete your profile. Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.

3. Reach out to grow your connections and promptly respond to incoming connection requests. You never know who may be reaching out to you.


Your first impression happens on-line. How you present yourself, the messages you send, and how you respond to others tells everyone what they need to know about you. You decide what kind of impression you want to make, and then take the appropriate action.

Action for you: Get your LinkedIn profile built. Then share this message with your friends and fellow students or colleagues who aren’t on LinkedIn.


Now, if you’ve got a question or you’re stuck on building your profile, leave a comment below and we’ll get it answered for you!


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  1. Isabel Albelda Ros October 11, 2013

    Thank you for your advice.
    While I didn’t have it quite so bad, I did take almost two weeks to answer two messages on LinkedIn from recruiters reaching out to me (unlike “Erica”, however, they contacted me out of interest in my profile and not because of a previous interview. That would have been frustrating to say the least). I had been away on holiday and while I check my email regularly, I didn’t think to check LinkedIn. There is an easy solution, though: make sure you get email alerts from LinkedIn regarding connection requests and messages.

    • Lea McLeod October 11, 2013

      HI Isabel, I agree! I think people forget they can change that setting accordingly. I see people all the time who say they “never check their LinkedIn email.” Some people only use it for job search, apparently!


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