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Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, and undervalued?


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You’re smart. You know how to get things done. And you’ve probably even received training to learn how to be the best you can be at your job. The only problem is you’re feeling like you can’t take one more minute in your job… yet you’ve got to keep your job.


Do any of these sound familiar?


Take a breath…


I’m Lea McLeod, creator of the Job Success Lab. My revolution is simple: When you can handle challenging situations with ease, work smarter and be more productive, you ultimately get your life back.


I believe it’s possible to:


The Job Success Lab will help you find peace of mind, productivity and prosperity in the workplace… no matter what’s happening for you right now.


The Job Success Lab is an online program that delivers a complete, step-by-step system to help you thrive in your career. With the All-Access Pass, you receive a year’s worth of workplace strategies, plans, and secrets in easy to digest video lessons.


In the Job Success Lab, you’ll learn up-to-date and proven strategies, tools, and tactics to handle all the challenging conversations, hurdles, overwork and overwhelm that are keeping you stuck and miserable—so you can start focusing on your success. Click here to get access now!


In this easy to implement program, you’ll master:


Best of all, I’ve put this program together knowing that your life is full and your schedule has no time for a lot of reading or watching webinars in the middle of the workday.


How Does The Job Success Lab Work?


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The Job Success Lab is divided into 12 modules, designed and timed to help you tackle one aspect of your workplace at a time. It’s not overwhelming. The information is direct, clear, simple and fun. (Yes, I believe that you can actually have fun at work!)


Each module comes with videos, audios, and your Lab workbook to guide you through. With clear step-by-step instructions, you get actionable advice and templates you can start using immediately in your career.


Welcome to my revolution. Click here to get your access.



What others are saying:

Testimonial - Veronica Swanson“With Lea’s support, I have found the job with the responsibilities I had been looking for, at a salary that I find meets my qualifications. Speaking with Lea helped me understand and clarify what I was bringing to the position. She gave me confidence to ask for what I was worth, understanding my strengths objectively. She is effective at achieving goals of getting the best fit both ways: the employer is happy with me, and I with them.” – Veronica S.


Testimonial - Taylor Brady“Lea was with me every step of the way. She provided me with resources to improve my abilities as a writer and challenged me to grow, listen and become a better employee. Lea is such an amazing insightful person and I cannot express how much she has helped. She is a great consultant and everyone should hire her.” – Taylor B.


Testimonial - Erin DeiberLea helped me realize how much power I actually have in a situation. She helped me find the confidence and manner so I no longer felt taken advantage of at work. It is great to have a successful woman to coach you through different situations. She is very familiar with navigating a primarily male workforce and offers great tips to help you get what you want, but still be professional. She also provides insight from different vantage points – which can “talk you off the ledge” and put things into perspectives.” – Erin D.


Testimonial - Chelsea Mitchell“Lea knows what she’s talking about and is good at giving tangible advice that gets results. I recommend Lea to everyone I know who needs help in their professional life. I credit not only my current job success but my boyfriend’s as well to her helpfulness and insight. Lea is wonderful at what she does– and helps you get wonderful at what you do, too.” Chelsea M.


Testimonial - Matthew Wolfe“I was going to take the ostrich approach to my situation: stick my head in the sand, and wait until it (hopefully) got better. Lea analyzed my situation and developed a sound methodology on how to approach it. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her help. As someone with low self-confidence, Lea helped me realize the value I bring as an employee, and that sort of self-empowerment went a very long way.” – Matthew W.


What’s Included?


How Much Does It Cost?


Originally a monthly program for $564, you can now get access to all modules for just $297! Plus, you get these special bonuses:


Shift from misery to mastery. Build your confidence. Discover your power – at work, and in your life – with The Job Success Lab!


All this learning, practice, application and coaching for just $297! Get your access now!


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