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What others are saying:

Testimonial - Veronica Swanson“With Lea’s support, I have found the job with the responsibilities I had been looking for, at a salary that I find meets my qualifications. Speaking with Lea helped me understand and clarify what I was bringing to the position. She gave me confidence to ask for what I was worth, understanding my strengths objectively. She is effective at achieving goals of getting the best fit both ways: the employer is happy with me, and I with them.” – Veronica S.


Testimonial - Taylor Brady“Lea was with me every step of the way. She provided me with resources to improve my abilities as a writer and challenged me to grow, listen and become a better employee. Lea is such an amazing insightful person and I cannot express how much she has helped. She is a great consultant and everyone should hire her.” – Taylor B.


Testimonial - Erin DeiberLea helped me realize how much power I actually have in a situation. She helped me find the confidence and manner so I no longer felt taken advantage of at work. It is great to have a successful woman to coach you through different situations. She is very familiar with navigating a primarily male workforce and offers great tips to help you get what you want, but still be professional. She also provides insight from different vantage points – which can “talk you off the ledge” and put things into perspectives.” – Erin D.


Testimonial - Chelsea Mitchell“Lea knows what she’s talking about and is good at giving tangible advice that gets results. I recommend Lea to everyone I know who needs help in their professional life. I credit not only my current job success but my boyfriend’s as well to her helpfulness and insight. Lea is wonderful at what she does– and helps you get wonderful at what you do, too.” Chelsea M.


Testimonial - Matthew Wolfe“I was going to take the ostrich approach to my situation: stick my head in the sand, and wait until it (hopefully) got better. Lea analyzed my situation and developed a sound methodology on how to approach it. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her help. As someone with low self-confidence, Lea helped me realize the value I bring as an employee, and that sort of self-empowerment went a very long way.” – Matthew W.


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