How To Be Negative

How To Be Negative

When you do a negative thing, you give a negative impression about yourself to those who watch or get to know you. That is your brand.

– Israelmore Ayivor


5 ways you're being negativeBelieve it or not, there was a time in my life when I was quite a Negative Nelly.


It’s a long story about how and why that came to be, but the upside is I’m now recovering – and a very positive person. ; )


Like a reformed smoker who detests the noxious odor of a cigarette, though, I’m super sensitive to how negativity shows up in the world – and especially in the people I work with.


Negativity is one of the biggest challenges for anyone working to develop personally or professionally, cultivate new skills, or simply live a better life.


Often, it’s a challenge for my clients. And it’s not always brazenly obvious negativity. It’s in the comments they make, the insinuation that they might not be good enough, or smart enough. Or when they don’t take ownership of what they do well.


Negative thinking comes in many shapes and sizes. And the question I always ask when I hear it is this: “How is that negativity in service of you being your best self?”


The bottom line, it isn’t.


In this week’s column, I share 5 ways I observe people being negative. But they might not even realize it.


Are you falling victim to these tricks of the mind? Read on.


When you manage your negativity, you’re working The Positive Shift!



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