Recent grads: 5 signs you need help in your job search

For recent grads in the job search (and parents too!)

I’ve had a ton of conversations focused on the dire state of the job market. And it’s true; the numbers are not pretty.

In working with many recent grads, however, I’m noticing a trend. Many of the bright young people I meet are really not very good at marketing themselves to employers.

I’m not alone in that. Here’s what Richard Dukas, a PR executive, said on his blog in June:

As someone who has read thousands of cover letters and resumes since I started my financial PR firm in 2002, I can categorically say that 99% of “kids today” do a terrible job of presenting and marketing themselves to prospective employers. Their cover letters are generally boring and rambling, and their resumes are often sophomoric and unprofessional.

Yikes, that’s brutal! But I have to agree with him.

There are five common themes that send up red flags for me. When I hear them, I think maybe this job search calls for performance enhancing strategies. And by that I mean person; a professional who can help you polish and effectively deliver your critical marketing, job seeking, messages. Take a listen and see if you can relate to any of these.

The two big problems

1. I find that most recent grads are simply not adept at marketing themselves, and their value proposition, to employers. It’s understandable, because it’s a wholly different way of showing up than college required.

2. I find that most recent grads don’t have structure and rigor around the job search they need to compete in this market. It requires a way of working toward a goal in a very different manner than getting good grades did.

Who you gonna call?

If you are really flailing, and not feeling good about the direction and strategy of your job search, I encourage you to get help and build your confidence. Get the marketing materials, job search strategy, interview prep, and more, that you need.

This is not a market where a “casual” job search is going to get you hired. You practically need a war room to make it happen. So, get every conceivable advantage you can to finding employment.

There are many career and job search professionals out there who can help you. I am one of them. Yes, as a matter of fact you can hire me ; ) and I would be happy to talk to you about that. But hire someone.


Because we need to do better than the 53% un/under-employment for young adults I mention in my message. We’ve got to get you competing hard for those jobs. And you need the right tools, skills, attitude and approach to do so.

Go here to get information on my Find a Job Faster system for recent grads and young professionals.

Leave a comment and share how YOU are doing in your job search. Which of the five statements have you found yourself uttering?

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