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  • Developing Leaders

  • Leadership Development for Individual Contributors, Managers and Teams

  • Career Coaching

  • Interview Coaching



Career + Interview Coaching | Single Sessions

A single coaching session can help you move through lots of career situations. Maybe you want to learn how to play bigger and get ready to move in your job. Maybe you have some challenges that have you stumped. Or, maybe you need a strategy for making your next career move.


Book a single coaching session with me and let’s get you moving forward! Once you book your session, I’ll get some more information from you about you, and ask what your desired outcomes for our session are. Then you’ll be directed to my calendar to book your time. It’s easy.


After your session you’ll receive a nicely recapped set of notes, and the concrete action steps you can start taking, because I am all about the action steps.



Leadership Development for Individuals and Teams


For Leaders


All leadership is influence. – John Maxwell


As you rise higher in the organization, it’s not your technical skills or your business acumen that will most define your success as a leader. You’ve likely already mastered your craft in that regard.


Rather, it’s the manner in which you interact, serve, and influence the people around you, so that they will follow. And that’s rooted in how self-aware you are, how you show up, and the quality of your relationships and interpersonal behavior with others around you.


Coaching that sometimes feels like consulting, and always focuses on outcomes.

I’ve heard a number of potential clients say, “We tried coaching but it didn’t work.”


There’s lots of reasons why that might be.


But it’s certain coaching will never work if we’re not clear on why coaching is being implemented, and if we don’t have a clear delineation of the outcomes we expect to achieve.


With Outcome Driven Coaching we begin with the end in mind. Once we diagnose to find the “why”, and determine the outcomes you want to achieve, we put a coaching plan in place, take the action and measure how we’ve done.


That includes coaching in its pure form; an Inquiry Based, Non-Directive process for self-discovery and learning.


It also includes intervention based, Directive Coaching that takes a consultative approach to facilitating behavior changes that will transform your leadership experience.


If you want to talk about how you’ll tackle the Leadership challenges you have, let’s get a conversation on the calendar and talk about what we can do together.


WORKPLACE COACHING + CONSULTING for Individuals, Managers + Teams


Coaching for You
You want to earn more money, or get a better title. Or you want to improve your relationship with the boss, be more productive (and leave work on time), communicate so that you feel heard. You want to feel a sense of empowerment in your job.


We’ll identify what’s holding you back (or creating pain) in your job, and come up with an action plan to address it.


Send me a note and let me know what’s holding you back, or giving you pain at work, and see what we can do to create a better outcome.


Coaching for Managers + Teams
I work with managers and teams who want to deliver better outcomes, together. We start by identifying strengths and work styles, and through facilitated dialogue, identify how you can work better together with an appreciation for how uniquely different you each are.

To help teams grow, I provide:

  • Facilitated Half Day DiSC Workshop for intact teams
  • Facilitated Half Day StrengthsFinder Workshop for intact teams


For custom team workshops, we’ll identify specific strategies and tactics – for managers and teams – to take once you get back to the office.


I’m excellent at helping you target and improve behavior in the workplace that’s holding you back.

  • Employees who lack skills you need them to have
  • Team members who don’t get along
  • Communication that isn’t working
  • Difficult workplace personalities
  • Employees who struggle working with a manager
  • Managers who want more engagement from their employees
  • Navigating employees through change and transition


Let’s connect, and talk about what I can do to support you and your team.




I conduct workshops that leverage the power of bringing people together in a room to connect and learn so that they can create better outcomes. Popular topics include:


◘ Your Modern Career | Move from DOING to INFLUENCING
◘ Powerfully Speaking | 5 Strategies to Increase Your Confidence + Power in the Workplace
◘ Salary Negotiation Strategies for Women
◘ Calm Amid Commotion | Tools for High Performers to Thrive in Chaos
◘ Bossonomics | Strategies to Work More Effectively With Your Boss
◘ 5 Habits of Amazing Communicators
◘ Advancing the Careers of Women in Technology
◘ 4 Strategies to Thrive in Transformative Times


Let’s talk about what I can do to help your team or group connect and learn.



Get The Job You Deserve!

Personalized Interview Coaching


Click HERE to find the Interview Coaching Program for you! Then Reserve your session here, and let’s get scheduled.


You’re getting interviews but you’re not closing with an offer. Maybe you’re just not confident and you really want to nail this next interview.


I offer a single one hour session, or a 3-pack of one hour sessions.


First, I’ll send you pre-work to get you ready for our session. Then, we’ll spend our time in live interview practice seeing exactly where you are now, and practice specific strategies and techniques to improve your interview performance.


You’ll leave with a complete set of action steps, along with insight on how you can better customize your messages to position you as the best candidate.


Click HERE to find the Interview Coaching Program for you!



The Resume Coloring Book Online Course | $47


3 images of coloring book with border

The Resume Coloring Book Online Course is your formula for a successful, professional resume that has gotten my clients interviews faster and more successfully than when they were writing their own resumes!


It was created to help new grads navigate the resume process. And, it’s helped many experienced professionals who have never felt confident writing a resume, and can’t figure out why the one they have isn’t working.


Using a color-based, easy to follow method, you will create your resume that looks professionally done, has a 60% better chance of being read, and will greatly increase your chances of getting more interviews.


Best of all? You don’t have to read pages of dense text to move into action.


The Resume Coloring Book online course includes:

  • Over 2 hours of video instruction, broken into short, easily digestible sections
  • Detailed explanations of each resume section, why it’s done that way, and sample sentences to illustrate the points
  • A 3-part formula for writing powerful sentences
  • 4 ways to measure the work you’ve done
  • 5 ways to state numbers on your resume
  • How to develop good keyword-based competency statements
  • Before and after examples for each resume sections
  • Design ideas for arranging your resume in a way that appeals to your target employer


Download it now, and start writing your best resume ever, today! 


Resume + LinkedIn Makeover

I’m not accepting Resume and LinkedIn Clients at this time. However, I have four great experts to whom I would love to refer you. Please contact me and I’ll send that list to you.